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For Nathan

Yesterday my eldest daughter spent the entire afternoon “Easy Baking” little cakes.  She made enough for everyone to have a double-decker layer cake.  I iced them after supper.  They looked delicious.  My eldest son dug four candles out of the … Continue reading

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Jen & Scott

I’ve known Jen since our days in college residence together.  A group of us then moved into neighbouring apartments, and we all still get together several times a year, most notably for an annual wine-tasting bike tour.  It started as … Continue reading

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Bringing in the harvest… with big toys

My dad calls him ET.  My kids call him “Opa Ernie.”  But no matter the name, he and his wife (Oma Carol) are the kind of folks you want to know.  Fun, generous beyond measure, full of great stories and … Continue reading

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