Jen & Scott

I’ve known Jen since our days in college residence together.  A group of us then moved into neighbouring apartments, and we all still get together several times a year, most notably for an annual wine-tasting bike tour.  It started as a dozen or so young adults.  More than a decade later it has grown to include a dozen or more small children who tag along in bike trailers, trail-a-bikes, bike seats and even bikes of their own.  (They partake in ‘snack-and-juice-tasting’… all day.)  We make quite the spectacle when arrive anywhere – it’s a lot of bicycles! – but the folks we meet love to hear about our annual tradition.

And who do we credit with organizing this day of fun and fellowship among far-flung friends?  Jen.  She’s cool like that.

Jen & Scott were high-school sweethearts.

They’ve been together for more than half their lives.  They both have a great eye for photography, but as Jen put it, “it’s hard to take family pictures with me in them.”  (I can sooooo relate!)

We spent a fun morning together exploring, laughing, being silly and being ourselves.

Their children are also sweethearts, as you can see.

But I quickly learned to adjust the settings on my camera first and then ask for a smile, a grin or a glance in my direction.  Busy?  Yes.  Adorable?  Definitely.  Before long I gave up on my requests and simply followed them around as they climbed, jumped and wandered the area.

The rocks of these old mill ruins were irresistible for the kids.  In fact, the moment they arrived the boys started climbing.

ah, brothers…  🙂

Even their little sister got in on the adventure!

We also found this cool wall, which brought to mind Rick Mercer and his colourful rant backdrops.

I just love this family to pieces, and I am so blessed to be able to call them my friends.

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2 Responses to Jen & Scott

  1. Are these the ruins you were telling me about????? i need to come visit!!!!!! and then i could take your family photos ;]

  2. Catherine says:

    Love the shots against the graffiti wall. So cool.

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