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Fridays… just be

Waves gently lapping the shore Geese calling to one another across the bay The ringing clink of wine glasses raised in celebration Mergansers running across wave tops as they reach for flight Exquisite cuisine Walking long beneath golden leaves The … Continue reading

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A Mom and her Fab-Four

Who did this fabulous foursome bring along when they were planning a portrait session?  Their Mom.  How sweet is that?! We met up one beautiful evening in the middle of summer for a wander through the park.  Bringing everyone together … Continue reading

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Fridays… Autumn is…

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower ~ Albert Camus ~ The flowers have been stunning this autumn. Wouldn’t you agree?

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The day after…

There can be so much build up to big events. Months, sometimes years, of planning and anticipation before a wedding.  Anticipation and celebration at retirement.  And of course, those milestone birthdays – generally ones ending in ‘0’ or ‘5’. And … Continue reading

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Fridays… saying yes

Some days I feel my job as a mom is filled with “no” – no more cookies, no staying up late, no more TV, no play dates until your piano is practiced… no no no no no. I hate those … Continue reading

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Baby A, a six month sweetheart

She has three older brothers.  Yes, three.  And they love her so very much.  Truly. They dote on her, they hug her, they cover her with kisses, they help her, they squeeze her … all in the way only little … Continue reading

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Fridays… three little monkeys

These smiles, these giggles, this energy, this delight… The photo was taken in our back yard.  The leaves are from our neighbour’s tree… the neighbours across the street. Brought to our place one kid-powered, kid-wagon load at a time. Yes, … Continue reading

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