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Fridays… reading Christmas

A few years ago I decided we needed a Christmas reading library in our house.  So every year since then I’ve bought a book to add to our small-but-growing collection. A few years ago the kids were small.  Well, small-er … Continue reading

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The LeRuez Crew

We got together on a hot August afternoon… remember those really hot days we had all summer long?  (it seems like so long ago as I look at the snow slowly melting in our yard)  The “LeRuez Crew-BC” had come … Continue reading

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Fridays… Sick day

We had a sick day at our house this week.  Not sick enough to stay in bed, but not well enough to go to school. It was a treat, really.  This pair doesn’t often get time that’s just the two … Continue reading

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Pearl Girl ~ Pearl Jewellery Open House ~ Friday, November 23

I had never taken pictures of jewellery before (and this ‘jewellery’ word still makes me stop and think every time I need to spell it.  It’s a crazy language, this English) and so when Barb Kelly ~ aka Pearl Girl … Continue reading

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Our House in the Woods

When they say their house is in the woods, they truly mean in the woods.  Bed & Breakfast hosts, Ben & Janet Woelk, have created a beautiful retreat nestled in the midst of their woods. I have known them all my … Continue reading

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Fridays… on the threshold

It is such a crude medium… the music score. And yet it is the threshold Between souls. Between souls moving and souls moved. Between creating and hearing. This crude medium of ink on paper is the vehicle of the sacred. … Continue reading

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