Get in the picture

Most of us mom-types don’t want to be in front of the camera.  Some of us actively avoid the front-side of that lens as often as possible.  Why?  There’s a host of reasons – bad hair day, the wrong outfit, that extra few pounds we’re going to lose next month.

So we avoid being in the picture.

And yet, our kids belong to what’s being called “the most photographed generation in history.”  Photographs that stay on our phones and on our computers, never to be seen again.

Put these two statements together and what do you get?  A generation of kids who don’t have any pictures of their mothers, or perhaps more importantly, with their mothers.

When I look back through photo-albums of my childhood (aside:  this same generation of  kids don’t really have tangible, hold-in-your-lap photo albums to look at either) and I find a picture of me with my mom, what do I see?

I see Mom.

Sure, I might mock the crazy clothing trends of the time, or poke fun at the size of the sun-glasses “back then,” or the bizarre combination of stripes and plaid I happened to be wearing when I “dressed myself.”  I might laugh at the picture, but the laughter comes from a place of love.  I’m so glad I have that picture.  Like the one of us around the campfire, roasting marshmallows… the one Dad captured, where Mom is in the middle of reminding my youngest brother to ‘blow out’ rather than ‘madly wave around’ the flaming marshmallow at the end of his I-found-it-myself-in-the-woods roasting stick.  A perfect mothering moment?  Thinking back to similar moments of flaming-sticky-sugar-panic I’ve had with my own kids… probably not.  But that’s not what I see.  I see our family together.  I remember the campground, the vacation, and the good times and memories of my childhood.  Yes, we all have 80s hair (another thing to laugh about), and because it was a summer camping trip we probably hadn’t showered all that recently (you know what I’m talking about).  But that’s not what I see.

I look at that picture and I see us with Mom, together, and I remember having a great time.

So to all us Moms out there, I have a challenge:

1. Get in the picture.  Regularly.  Often.  (Selfies totally count.)

2. Print those pictures.

Tuck them in a little album and leave them lying around the house where your kids can pick them up and look through them.  They won’t care what you look like.  They’ll just remember having that crazy-face-contest with you and laughing until their sides ached.

I’m as guilty of forgetting to do this as any of us.  Case in point?  I had to scroll back through through 2 months of pictures on my phone before I could find one with me in it.  But it was a great day skiing together with my girls!


And one of me and my amazing mom.  Just because.

If you want more than selfies, stay-tuned tomorrow for more info on a Benefit Event I’m hosting to celebrate moms here and around the world.

Now go and get in the picture!


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3 Responses to Get in the picture

  1. J Schattman says:

    Very insightful observations! Of the 20,000+ pictures in my iPhoto library, I’m in perhaps 50. Because dads hate they way they look as much as moms. Thank you for the inspiring message.

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  3. natashajk says:

    I still print out pictures (about twice a year) and my kids LOVE looking through them. It’s really worth it.

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