Celebrate Mom – A Benefit Event

Will you help me?

Yesterday I hinted at something to help moms “Get in the picture.”  Here’s the quick reveal:  Mother’s Day portraits, Mini-Sessions benefiting the work of Mennonite Central Committee.

(Full disclosure:  If you follow me on Facebook, you already know about this event.  BUT read on to hear the rest of the story about why I’m doing this.)

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is an organization dedicated to “relief, development and peace in the name of Christ.”  They have long been near and dear to my heart. (The short version: Without them, my grandparents might have starved to death in Russia.)

They do countless wonderful things – just take a moment (or several) and look through their website. (Canada and USA)  The piece that our family has been regularly involved in is their various “Kits” – collecting donations for them, packing them, and hearing where they are heading.

Right now MCC has several urgent needs, including hygiene kits.  It’s a simple thing, really – a towel, a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a nail clipper and a bar of soap, all gathered together in a draw-string bag.  What a difference it makes for someone fleeing war or natural disasters when they have some of their basic needs met.  What mom doesn’t want to see her family healthy?

I want to help mothers and their families around the world in these crisis situations, just like someone helped my Grandmothers and their families all those years ago as they were fleeing war and famine.

Will you help too?

I am running a Benefit Event on Saturday, April 18 to raise funds for hygiene kits.  Have your picture taken with your mom, or with the mom of your kids, or as a mom with your kids, or as three generations (or more!) of moms.  Mom needs to be in the picture (see my post yesterday for more of my thoughts on that.)  The mini-sessions will take place indoors at the MCC offices in Kitchener.

Did I mention this could make an excellent Mother’s Day gift?  (hint hint)

The $100 session fee goes directly to MCC.  You will receive a tax receipt for $50 (and if you want to donate more, the receipt will be for $50 less than your total amount).  MCC gets the entire amount.  MCC Ontario Executive Director, Rick Cober Bauman, confirmed for me that monetary donations actually go further toward obtaining kit supplies than the same amount spent at a store.  That’s why I’m collecting dollars rather than supplies.

My goal is $1600.

More details on the April 18 event are below.  Contact me to book your session time, and with any questions about the event.

Thank you for celebrating mom!

If you feel inspired to make a donation directly to MCC for hygiene kits (or any aspect of their work) without being part of this portrait event, blessings to you too.  Contact information for MCC Ontario (and others regions, including USA) can be found through here, including a “donate now” button.  Optional:  you can send me a little note as well, letting me know you’ve celebrated in this way (no need to include any amount-details).  Blessings to everyone who celebrates mom, no matter what form it takes.

Celebrating Mom Blog Poster

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2 Responses to Celebrate Mom – A Benefit Event

  1. Tina Wiens says:

    I got it in this week’s bulletin for Avon MC : ) Poster’s up on the bulletin board…although, in b&w as we don’t have a colour printer at the church 😦 Congrats! This is awesome.

    Bruce and I would like to book a family photo session with you sometime this year…sooner, rather than later (so, thinking spring/summer). I’m worried that you’re booking a year in advance, being the professional that you are, and highly sought after I’m sure! I’m very excited as this will be our FIRST family photo session EVER!!!

    Let me know how we proceed with booking, what your fees are, etc. YAY!


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